A Response to A Conversation on Age

Santa Barbara, CA
© Stella Kalaw

Gail was my supervisor while I was working in the school library at Brooks. She eventually became my good friend and confidant. Whenever I am in Santa Barbara, I make sure to spend time with her. We sit for a few hours catching up on each other's lives while sharing a meal at one of her favorite brunch places or sitting on a chair in her living room with my feet up. With every visit, I always feel as if no time has passed. We just pick up where we left off.

Yesterday, she sent me an email in response to the previous posting. I thought it was a wonderful perspective on the conversation.

This was very interesting to read. How do you feel about it, life experience?

No longer a young student thinking about film speed, exposure, lenses, situation, but a maturing person. (I assume and hope we continue to mature to whatever ripe old age we live.)

Well traveled, immersed in your daily life of keeping up with your responsibilities and relationships.

Probably no longer think about exposure nor the fact that your eye is constantly moving, focusing, observing, just as you no longer think about walking, it just happens.

You are free to note what catches your eye, your interest, and what gives you that little thrill, be it the light, composition, design, situation, people, etc.

Aging has its advantages, and, damn it, its disadvantages. :-)