A Conversation on Age

Jörg Colberg of Concientious had an interesting conversation with his friend D:

"The other day, I talked to my friend D. about this. He said that in principle, instead of looking for young photographers we should actually be looking for older photographers. He argued that unlike in painting, where a painter's technique often evolves significantly with age, photography usually doesn't show such an evolution - in part because of photography's very technical nature. So, he argued, young photographers are technically as competent as older photographers, but what really makes a body of work is not technique but "everything else." It took me a while to make him specify what he meant by this, and it basically came down to what one might call "life experience". In essence, D. argued that if you're very young you are usually not able to see as many facets of the world as when you're older, and, crucially, that translated into what kind of photography you are able to produce."

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