Each time I go back to Manila, I’ve become more aware that parts of my past are quickly disappearing.  A series of floods in the last few years submerged the first floor of my family's home in the Philippines. My parents will soon downsize and move out of this area for safety reasons after living there for over four decades.  These circumstances prompted an urgency to document pieces of my family’s history focusing on photographing objects that told the story of our everyday life such as the study lamp that sat on our desk throughout our high school and college years, my father’s attaché case that he carried to work, the thick glasses my mother wore when she read at night or the first Kodak Instamatic camera that we brought with us to our weekend outings and family gatherings. Having visited several museums in the United States and Europe, I was inspired by the artifacts displayed behind glass cases usually against a dark background and lit to emphasize its wear and tear. I used the same treatment for this project with the idea of creating a museum of our family’s everyday objects so that pieces of our shared history remains intact.